You've placed an order, the money has been debited from your account but you haven't received your order confirmation email. Has the order been successful?!

Not to worry, this usually means that the email you used to place the order may have had a spelling mistake or the email may have gone through to your promotional inbox. Just be sure to check all inboxes through your email account.

Send an email or message through to our customer experience team and they'll be able to locate your order. They'll simply need the full name and delivery address used to place the order.

When you place an order we will have to process the order first. Processing usually takes 1-7 business days for your order.

We will send you an email if the processing for your order takes longer than expected.

Shipping time for most of our products are 10-15 days. Some of them will be 20-35. This information is available on each product page.

Priority Mail International should only take 6-10 business days to most destinations and most shipment do arrive in a timely fashion, however occasionally we see a package take up to one month to reach its destination. If you have a tracking number, you may check with your local post office to make sure there have not been any delivery attempts or problems in import.

Once an order has been finalized through the checkout process, the products themselves cannot be modified. However, you are free to cancel your current order to make modifications and resubmit the order, as long as the order is still in "pending" status (and has not yet entered our production stream).

Typically, you have 1 hour from the time your order was placed to cancel the order (through your account) and make any changes you deem necessary.

Canceling your order in this manner will automatically add the cancelled items back to your shopping cart where you can make edits (by clicking on the thumbnails of the items you wish to change, making the edits, and then re-adding it to the cart).
Shipping rates vary by your location and the size of your order.The easiest way to find out the exact shipping rate for your location and order is to go through the process of placing an order.

When you reach the checkout page, you will see a drop down menu with different shipping options and their costs for your exact location and order.
Your shipping total only covers the costs associated with getting your package delivered to you.

Beyond that, some countries impose an extra duty on incoming purchases as they enter the country.

If you are unsure about whether or not your country has such a duty, you may wish to confirm your countries import policy before purchasing, as these duties vary from country to country.